It has become my personal mission to unlock voluntary active participation from the horse. Many traditional and natural methods, in the end, still give humans the upper hand and final say in the horse-human relationship. In order to gain respect and love from the horse, we must deliver the same. I am writing to show my readers what this evolution of the relationship looks like. Throughout my years in all types of aspects of the equine industry, I can identify one continuous theme; the unnecessary will to “train” a horse. I believe the horse does not need any training. The horse already possesses all the skills and confidence needed in the human created world for the horse; it is up to us to convince the horse to work with us, thus unlocking the horses’ inner talent, intelligence, and secrets.  If we can adopt this idea, we can bring out our horse’s inner play and desire to participate in our world, and the horse will shine in ways that any “training method” could possibly produce. In order for this to happen, what is needed from the human is to open the floor for a two way dialog between horse and human. I am here to share my journey as to how I do just that and I hope this inspires readers to try the same.